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November 2021

  • The Paines Ford-East Takaka Cycleway is officially opened by Celia Butler!
  • Tasman District Council has confirmed funding for the Motupip River bridge on the Takaka-Pohara Cycleway. We are grateful for the support of our two counsellors Celia Butler and Chris Hill
  • The Golden Bay Community Board has endorsed our cycling strategy

September 2021

  • Planting for Paines Ford-East Takaka Cycleway

December 2020

  • Christine Pullar from the GBCWS did a presentation to the Tasman District Council Operations Committee on our 20 year strategy, specifically requesting their endorsement of the needs for the Takaka-Collingwood cycleway, and the bridge across the Motupipi River on the Takaka-Pohara cycleway. The presentation was very favourably received and we look forward to further collaboration. The presentation can be downloaded here.

November 2020

  • Work continues on the Paines Ford - East Takaka trail, with the completion of the boardwalk. Well done Wouter and Phil!

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WouterPhil 800x600

  • The GBCWS was asked by TDC to undertake a road safety audit of proposed changes to the Meihana Street - Rototai Road intersection. Based on the visit and discussions with the local community, we proposed a major redesign (see below). We will continue to engage with TDC on finding the best solution to provide safe walking and cycling at this critical location.

Screenshot 2020 11 22 191914

October 2020

  • The official opening of the Takaka - Paines Ford cycleway was held on October 30. Councellor Celia Butler cut the ribbon with the enthusiastic help of Takaka Central Primary School students. Thanks to NZTA for making this happen, in particularly Andrew James, Andy High, and Jonathan Kennett.

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  • A 700 square metre pump track has been constructed at Takaka Primary School. Designed for bikes, scooters and skateboards, it consists of a continuous circuit of rollers, banked turns and features, with users' body movements generating momentum, rather than pedalling. A team of volunteers moved 70 tonnes of asphalt to help construct. Read more about it in Stuff.

IMG 20200921 094844

IMG 20200921 141033

September 2020

  • The GBCWS escorted Associate Minister of Transport Julianne Genter during her visit to Golden Bay. We thanked her for the support she gave which helped the Takaka-Paines Ford cycleway eventuate, and showed her our other priorities of Takaka-Rangihaeata, Motupipi Bridge, and Pohara-Port Tarakohe.
  • The GBCWS has proposed to Tasman District Council several options for an affordable bridge across the Motupipi River--a key area of concern for cycle safety and the top priority in our cycling strategy. Subject to NZTA providing a subsidy, Council has approved a bridge costing up to $250,000 for the site.
  • With the proposed development and expansion of Port Tarakohe, the GBCWS is engaging with Tasman District Council on how to provide safe facilities for cycling and walking between Pohara and Port Tarakohe--particularly during construction when there will be elevated risks to vulnerable users.
  • Thanks to Tasman District Council for improving cycle safety at Motupipi Hall by provided a separated pathway adjacent to the hall for when vehicles are parked across the cycleway.

Motupipi Hall 1

Motupipi Hall 2

August 2020

  • Work is underway by the GBCWS team of Phil and Wouter (with some help!) to extend the cycleway from Paine's Ford to East Takaka. It will not be ready to ride until the ground hardens and a boardwalk is built.

east takaka construction 1

east takaka construction 2

east takaka construction 3

July 2020

 IMG 20200713 094337

IMG 20200713 094627

May 2020

  • We are running an online survey of cycling and walking experiences during the Covid-19 lockdown to provide us with an understanding of how much, if any, additional active transport activities were done given the much lighter vehicular traffic.
  • The GBCWS provided alternative suggestions to TDC on a bridge across the Motupipi river to fit within potential funding envelopes.

April 2020

  • The GBCWS continues to discuss with TDC improvements to the cycling facilities, as captured by this Stuff article.

March 2020

  • Following the February road safety audit with the TDC Engineering team, TDC are looking at options to improve the Pohara end of the cycleway.
  • The GBCWS have proposed a number of other improvements to the cycleway to address drainage and other issues.

February 2020

  • The Takaka-Pohara Cycleway is now open. Stuff ran an excellent article on the opening ceremony at Motupipip school.
  • Two representatives of the GBCWS participated in a road safety audit with the TDC Engineering team, recommending a number of improvements, some of which are in the process of being implemented.
  • With the support of NZTA, we now have signs on Motupipi Bridge reducing the speed to 40 km/h when cyclists are present.

January 2020

Takaka-Paines Ford Cycleway: 

  • Representatives of the GBCWS and others met with NZTA and their design consultant WSP to go over the preliminary designs for the Takaka-Paines Ford cycleway.
  • A number of key design issues were agreed and the design will commence with the goal of having construction completed by June 30, 2020. 

Takaka-Pohara Cycleway: 

  • Construction has recommenced on the Takaka-Pohara Cycleway. 
  • In response to a road safety audit done by a GBCWS member, TDC have installed 'No Parking' signs along the cycleway in an effort to address the number of vehicles parking and blocking users. 

TDC Active Transport Strategy: Tasman District Council is soon to start consultations on how to increase active transport. A copy of their pre-consultation presentation is here.

December 2019

The cycleway between Takaka and Pohara has started construction, with the first section between Pohara and Motupipi completed in time for the Christmas break. Check out the article in the GB Weekly here.

Great news on the next developments for active transport in Golden Bay:

  • Funding was approved for the construction of the Takaka-Paines Ford cycleway, with construction anticipated to be completed by the end of June 2019
  • NZTA have confirmed that they are commencing the technical work for the first phase of the Takaka-Collingwood cycleway: Takaka-Rangihaeta. Investigations will commence soon with the goal of construction starting in the summer of 2020.

November 2019

The GBCWS team met with the Associate Minister of Transport Julie Anne Genter during her visit to Golden Bay to discuss our vision for 'Golden Bay Trails', and what we needed to do in order to realize this vision. 

September 2019

The pre-feasibility study for the proposed Takaka-Collingwood cycleway is completed. It can be downloaded here. A meeting was held with Damien O'Conner, our local Labor Member of Parliament, who was very supportive of the GBCWS efforts, and promised to advocate strongly for us to advance the 'Golden Bay Trails'.